Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Egyptian Military and Police Units Launch Assault and Massacre Defenseless Civilians

WARNING: Extremely Graphic Images. Viewer Discretion Is Advised!

August 14th, 2013, A date which will live in infamy, in Egypt

Unarmed demonstrators hiding in their tents, as special police units fired teargas canisters at them, which burned them alive.

One of Sky News' photographers was murdered by government troops at Rabia Square, Cairo., as he was documenting the governments assault on the civilian camp.

Most of those who were executed had direct headshots, shots to the neck, and to the chest

Civilian taking a direct headshot from a teargas canister

Dr. Mustafa Hassan, Rabia Square Hospital, murdered while aiding the injured

Rabia Square, field hospiatl, littered with dead civilians who were executed by Egypt's military, Special Task Force Police Commandos, riot police and snipers placed on rooftops

Reporter inspecting murdered civilians at Rabia Square field hospital

Unarmed civilian shot in the neck

Baby murdered by government troops via teargas inhalation

Elderly woman begging an Egyptian riot cop for mercy

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