Saturday, August 17, 2013

Creating Lies: The Reality Of The Egyptian Media

صناعة الكذب -  حقيقة الإعلام المصري

NOTE: This documentary is in Arabic only.

The abysmal function and history of the Egyptian media, has made it a prime target of the January 25th 2011 revolution in Egypt. If the Mubarak regime was to go, the Egyptian media MUST go with him, or the revolution will be incomplete.

This documentary deals with the negative techniques that the Egyptian media employed against the January 25th revolutionaries.

The documentary will also display archived footage of TV, newspaper and magazine headlines that were used by the states media against the January 25th revolutionaries.

A list comprised of 10 techniques the Egyptian media employed, shall be examined in this documentary. The list was compiled by analysts and experts after viewing tens-of-hours of state media footage, newspapers and magazine articles that were employed against the masses during the 18 days of the revolution.

Notation: Although this documentary deals with the January 25th 2011 revolution in Egypt, I believe that the state media is still intact and was not sanitized properly after the revolutions initial success.

I say this, because the media is currently employing those very techniques against and is leading a vicious attack on the the Muslim Brotherhood and their sympathizers; and now against anyone that is anti-coup/pro-democracy (who aren't Muslim Brotherhood or sympathetic to them).

The ferocity of the media's attack picked up during and after the barbaric suppression of the 2 main sit-ins in Cairo, Egypt, by the Egyptian military and police, who massacred over 2,500 and injured over 10,000 peaceful protesters.

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