Wednesday, August 21, 2013

US Hypocrisy On Egypt

“This idea that we can pick one group over the others and think it’s going to work out. 

Radical jihadists? I don’t like them more than anyone else, but we have to understand what radicalizes people? 

What makes them want to kills us? It’s because we get involved overthrowing and controlling a government

How long did we support Mubarak? Decades, billions and billions of dollars. No wonder there was a Muslim Brotherhood resenting it…such hypocrisy!” [Rep. Ron Paul]

Isn’t it just a bit hypocritical for them to be talking about nonviolence when we’re running drone warfare around the world, dropping bombs and missiles on different countries almost daily? 

What about our policies in Egypt itself? How many years did we support the dictator Mubark and prop him him; he was a military dictator! How many weapons did we give him?”

“If there was ever a time in our history when we should offer to the American people to have a constitutional foreign policy and say, ‘It’s time we minded our own business and stayed out of these affairs,’ it would be better for us, and I believe, much better for peace around the world.” [Rep. Ron Paul]
Dr. Ron Paul is a physician and former twelve-term congressman from Texas who ran for president in 2008.

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