Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Egypt's Army Saiqa Commandos Used Against Defenseless Civilians

Photo: ‎الجيش بيمنع دخولنا بصواعق الكهرياء والسلاح الحي‎

August 14th, 2013, A date which will live in infamy, in Egypt

Since the military refuses to, or are incapable of using its weapons against foreign aggressors, they'll use it against their own people.

Let's be brutally honest: the military machines of the Arab states and predominantly Muslim states ARE NOT designed to fight foreign armies that invade their territory.

That military machine was designed to fight, repress and subjugate, with lethal force, the enemy that is within: the very population they swore to protect

The above picture is not surprising to see, deliberately using the "elite" Saiqa Commandos against defenseless citizens 

Why the hell not, the Saiqa needs an uplifting dose to their fragile morale, since they miserably failed in most of their foreign hostage rescue attempts

In one incident, they even managed to outdo the terrorists, by killing 56 out of 98 hostages they were tasked to rescue, in Malta 1985

The attack on Egypt's civilian population will be framed by media prostitutes as "magnificent battles against terrorists," then the vaunted Saiqa can return to base and receive medals for their "heroic" deeds

The media will sing their praise. some of the singers who are nothing more than government lapdogs will compose epic poems, recounting their "exploits" on the "battlefield."

Unarmed demonstrators hiding in their tents, as special police units fired teargas canisters at them, which burned them alive, at Nahdah Square, Cairo, Egypt.

WARNING: Extremely Graphic. Viewer Discretion Is Advised!

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