Monday, August 12, 2013

Negotiations = Capitulation: In Egypt's Current Crisis

Negotiations at this time with regards to, the coalition for democratic legality and their supporters, would be suicide, because that would be tantamount to admitting that: "we surrender and accept becoming 9th class citizens."

They shouldn't negotiate at this moment with the usurpers for the following reasons:

A) You don't negotiate with: THIEVES & TRAITORS,
B) The legally and democratically elected Morsi government was wrong, 
C) They have no legal claim to returning the overthrown democratic government,
D) Democracy was hijacked by Mubarak's men and it must be restored to the Egyptian people,
E) The Egyptian people are currently being held hostage by a military dictatorship that is hiding behind the guise of a corrupt and powerless unelected civilian government. The nation must be liberated from the clutches of those traitors, who are only concerned for their own interests and privileges and not the well-being of their people.
F) Permanent exclusion from or conditional & controlled political participation (like Mubarak controlled them by allocating a percentage of parliamentary seats)
G) They will lose sympathy/support from the general population who believe that they have been wronged; from their own direct base; and any international sympathy/support they may have garnered
H) They'll open themselves to a slew of legal action
l) Non-stop harassment and persecution from the military and security services

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