Friday, August 23, 2013

Egypt Needs A Second Revolution

"Whoever says women shouldn't go to the protests because they will get beaten, let him have some honor and manhood and come with me on January 25th." 

"They don't even have to go to Tahrir Square, just go anywhere and say it: that we are free human beings."

"Sitting home and just following us on news or on Facebook leads to our humiliation -- it leads to my humiliation!."

"If you have honor and dignity as a man, come and protect me, and other girls in the protest. if you stay home, you deserve what's being done to you, and you will be guilty before your nation and your people. Go down to the street, send SMSes, post it on the internet, make people aware." [Asmaa Mahfouz]

Egypt needs more people like her to unite with the anti-coup coalition so democracy, dignity, freedom, justice, human rights and the rule of law are restored to the people once again.

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