Sunday, November 30, 2014

Letter Bombs Sent To Prominent Britons By Jewish Terrorists

The King David Hotel Jewish Terror Attack Against British Troops

Jewish terrorists have admitted sending letter bombs to, prominent Britons. The Stern gang said operations were being carried out by the European branch of the -."fighters for the freedom of Israel."

British Military Intelligence and Scotland Yard believe the letters have been, coming from Italy, and officers are be flying there in an attempt to break down the gang.

According to Reuters, Italian inquiries are now, centred in Milan.

A private secretary; at the Foreign Office received one of the letters addressed to the Foreign Minister (Mr. Bevin) and handed it to Scotland Yard. It was expected that an attempt would be made to injure Mr. Bevin and a special watch was being kept.

Mr. Anthony Eden, former Foreign Secretary, also received one of the letters, says, the "Daily Express." It was delivered at the House of Commons, but he carried it home unopened with other mail.

Next morning he kept an appointment without opening what appeared to be less urgent letters. When he arrived home, Scotland Yard warning was awaiting him.

Today Dr. H. E. Watts, chief surveyor of explosives at the Home Office, carried out experiments with bomb letters. They' consisted of two envelopes, the outer one of normal type and the inner. one of thin cardboard. Inside the inner envelope is an explosive like gelignite and a battery shaped like a pencil, wired to a detonator. The sides of the f cardboard envelope, keep a little, string colija pressed. . Anyone tearing open the envelope would release the spring and set off the detonator and possibly suffer enough wounds, from the gelignite to cause death.

Source: The National Library Of Australia

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