Thursday, November 27, 2014

The State Of Israel Is A Dictatorship

Prof. Leibowitz discusses the existence of Judeo-Nazis and of a Nazi-like mentality which is dominant in the Israel.

"Since the 6 day war, Israel is no longer a democracy. Israel deprives 2 million people of civil and political rights. 
Depriving 2 million people of their civil and political rights is not an opinion, but a reality.
That is what the state wants!
It is willfully that the state deprives these 2 million people of the civil and political rights.
The state of Israel is the only dictatorship that exists today in the enlightened world.
So it is not a coincidence that Israel is the only state n the world, in the enlightened world, in which the president of the supreme court was capable of saying that torture may be used in order to make Arab prisoners talk. 
Everyone knows full well that everywhere in the world those in power use torture, but it is illegal. All the states in the Western World, abolished it in the 18th century, even before the French Revolution, 200 years ago, they abolished the use of torture during police interrogations. All the Western countries, even Tsarist Russia. 
But the state of Israel represents the backwardness of a state body in which there is a monster who exercises the functions of the president of the Supreme Court, only to say that the use of torture is permitted when it is necessary in the interest of the state.
That shows that a Nazi-like mentality, because it is a Nazi mentality, also exist sin our country. That is a fact
But the fact is that in the Israeli legal system, neither the judges, nor the lawyers, challenged this man. 
That says a great deal about the Nazi mentality that is dominant here. 
In other words, there are Judeo-Nazi's. Judeo-Nazis exist!"

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