Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Aliya Battalion

Israel’s Secret War On Palestinians

In 1948 hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled the war as Israeli forces depopulated and destroyed hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages to make way for their settlers arriving from Europe and to establish the Zionist state of Israel. The Palestinians who fled their ancestral land have not been allowed to return to their homes even after 60 years. Their homes and lands are now occupied by Israeli citizens. Those Palestinians are still refugees in neighboring countries and across the globe. They have formed the Palestinian Diaspora. 
But as tragic as that maybe, this is not the end of the story, those Palestinians who stayed inside their country’s borders have watched their lands being stolen by the Zionist regime. These rightful owners of the land who once enjoyed a prosperous life have experienced all hell break loose as the Zionist regime of Israel wages war after war on these defenseless people. The “The Aliya Battalion” is a documentary about Israel’s secret activities in targeting and terrorizing the civilian population in an effort to annihilate and eradicate the Palestinian nation. With interviews from the Palestinians and Israelis and members from the Aliya Battalion this eye opening documentary reveals what is really happening in Palestine.

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