Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chutzpah: Israel Bans Dr Gilbert From Gaza For Life

The Humanitarian Physician Is Denied Entry into Gaza For 'Security Reasons' 

Norway edition, reports that Israel cited security reasons for banning Dr. Gilbert from the Hamas-run enclave.
Gilbert, a leading Norwegian physician, worked as a doctor at Shifa Medical Center during the recent Israeli vicious assault on Gaza.  He also worked there during the previous round of Israel-Gaza fighting, in 2008-2009.
According to the report, Dr. Gilbert was stopped en route to the Gaza, where he was planning to return to the hospital, by Israeli officials in October 2014. 
Norway's secretary of state, Bard Glad Pedersen, told Verdens Gang newspaper: 
“From the Norwegian perspective, we have raised Gilbert's exclusion from Gaza and asked Israel to change their decision. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is still difficult and there is a need for all health workers.”
During the recent war, Dr. Gilbert accused Israel of committing "state terrorism at a very sophisticated and very high level,” and said its army was "using a wide variety of sophisticated modern weapons against a basically naked civilian population.” 
Gilbert himself believes the decision is connected to his critical comments against the state of Israel.

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