Sunday, March 03, 2013

Secret CIA Prisons In Europe

In Eastern Europe, people thought they became free when the German Wall and the iron Curtain fell. Freedom was the buzzword. After 9/11, however, the American based CIA began planting secret prisons in Poland and Lithuania. 

The Russian-based RT channel investigates two claims of the existence of these prisons and cam with a remarkable documentary as a result which the Babylon Observer presents to you with permission.

It's called "rendition": a nice little word which hides the true meaning. People are being kidnapped and brought to secret prisons all over the world, including several European countries. 

In Lithuania and Poland, for example. Government leaders fall over it, parliaments do not get the right information, and journalists trying to uncover the facts often engage people who are unwilling to speak about it. 

In this documentary, a crew from the Russian based RT station tries to unravel just what's been going on in the two mentioned countries.

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