Friday, March 29, 2013

Love's Tenderness

Love is beautiful (elderly couple in Paris)

Deem not my love is only for the bloom,
The honey and the marble, that is You;
Tis so, Beloved, common loves consume
Their treasury, and vanish like the dew.
Nay, but my love's a thing that's far more true;
For little loves a little hour hath room,
But not for us their brief and trivial doom,
In a far richer soil our loving grew,
From deeper wells of being it upsprings;
Nor shall the wildest kiss that makes one mouth,
Draining all nectar from the flowered world,
Slake its divine unfathomable drouth;
And, when your wings against my heart lie furled,
With what a tenderness it dreams and sings!

(Poem by Richard Le Gallienne)

Photo: Grow Old With MeUnknown Photographer
Photo Via: Pinterest

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