Friday, March 22, 2013

Computer Fights Hacker Attack

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Ever wondered what it looks like when a hacker attacks a computer and tries to break into someone's account?
Now Ben Reardon of Dataviz Australia has created a stunning visualisation that shows a single attack on a voice-over-IP (VOIP) server, similar to those used for Skype. Hacked VOIP servers are often used for black-market communications and cheap calling-card scams.
In the video above, the server is shown on the left, where the accounts of the people signed up to make calls are represented by blue bubbles. A hacker's attack comes from the right, launching small white and red bubbles that represent scans from a malicious computer program. The battle that plays out is slowed down by 25 per cent.
If the hacker's scans connect with the blue bubbles, they may be able to compromise the server, gathering the passwords of account holders and ultimately letting the hacker control other people's phone activity.
To protect itself against the attack, the server releases green honeypots: disguised data released to trap the intruding scans. But the hacker then increases the number of scans in an attempt to overwhelm the honeypots. In the end, the server wins the battle.
According to Reardon, countless attacks like this one occur every second. "The volume of data from this one attack is really a drop in the ocean in terms of the wider internet," he says.
Source: New Scientist


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