Monday, February 25, 2013

The Reconquista Of Mali

Image: "LA RECONQUISTA", by Patrick McGrath Muñiz

The Reconquista 'Reconquest'; also known as Arabicالاسترداد‎ trans. al-Istirdād[æl ɪstɪrˈdæːd], 'the Recapturing') is a centuries-long period in the Middle Ages in which several Christian kingdoms succeeded in reconquering the Iberian Peninsula from the Islamic kingdoms collectively known as Al-Andalus.
"The goal is the total reconquest of Mali," French Defence Minister Le Drian said in televised remarks. "We will not leave any pockets" of resistance.
On Sunday, the Signatories in Blood, vowed "more operations in all the countries which have taken part in the crusade against Azawad if they do not review their decision", using the name for northern Mali.

"We remind our Muslim brothers of the need to clear out from sites run by foreign companies, especially the French ones, to save their lives," their statement said.

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