Sunday, February 17, 2013

Persian Eyes

Persian Eyes

Amidst flowers, wine in hand, my lover I embrace
King of the world is my slave on such a day in such a place.
Bring no candles to this, our festive feast, tonight
Full moon is pale beside the light of my lover's face.
My ears only hear the song of the harp and the reed
My eyes see your ruby lips, and the cup chase.
Keep perfumes away from our feast tonight
The fragrance of your hair, our feast will grace.
Speak not to me of sweetness of candy and sugar;
Since my lips, sweetness of your lips, did once trace.

(Portion of Ghazal - 46 by Hafiz, translated by Shahriar Shahriari... Provided by CZ)

By Saeed Arabzadeh

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