Monday, February 04, 2013

The Pleasures Of Love

Woman on top. Art from the sexual positions book 'Sama Sutra' by Samarel.  #kama Sutra #Sexual positions # Love guide #Erotic art #Erotic Poetry

Pressed in the arms of him I so adored,
The keeper of my charms, my pride, my lord!
By day experiencing each sweet delight,
And meeting endless transports every night
When on our downy bed we fondly lay,
Heating each other by our am'rous play;
Till Nature, yielding to the luscious game,
Would fierce desire and quenchless lust inflame!
Oh! then we join'd in love's most warm embrace,
And pressed soft kisses on our every grace!
Around my form his pliant limbs entwined,
Love's seat of bliss to him I then resigned!
We pant, we throb, we both convulsive start!
Heavens! then what passions thro' our fibres dart!
We heave, we wriggle, bite, laugh, tremble, sigh!
We taste Elysian bliss—we fondle—die.

Poem from: The Pearl
Printed for: The Society Of Vice
Art from: The Sama Sutra
By: Samarel

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