Thursday, July 31, 2014

7 Ads That Show The Reality Of The Israeli Occupation

Ads Against Apartheid is a organization that is focused on bringing the reality of the Israeli Occupation to the United States through targeted paid advertisement. Earlier in June they launched there Boston Metro ad campaign called “One Word”(the first three ads below) seen by over 13,000 daily commuters. These 7 ads not only describe the experience of the Palestinian people under the occupation of Israel but provide accurate statistics and facts from credible Human Rights organizations and give the US population a much deeper understanding of Israel’s crimes that is not provided by anyone in the media. This is by far on of the best marketing campaigns we have seen.

Check them out. Please share it widely and spread the word. Stop the occupation!
1. Stolen
2. Violence
3. Homeless
4.  The Age of Children in Isreali Prisons 
5. Degrading Treatment of Children 
6. Children Used As Weapons
7. Justice?

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