Sunday, July 13, 2014

Qassam Brigades Penetrate Israel's Second Channel

"Your children aren't more expensive than ours."

"Our children's blood will fuel our missiles activities, to bombard every in Israel."

"Your leaders stupidity caused:

Ashkelon to be under fire,
Beersheba to be under fire,
Ashdod to be under fire,
Rishon LeZion to be under fire,
Ness Ziona to be under fire,
Tel Aviv to be under fire, 
Hadera to be under fire,
Haifa To be under fire,
All of Israel to be under fire."

HAMAS launches a missile volley into Israel:

The below video if of a Palestinian Nasheed that promises the death of IDF troops if they should invade Gaza.

على الجبال
خلف التلال
وفي الوديان
برا جئتم بحرا جئتم جوا جئتم ستسحقون ستسحقون
اذرعكم ان مدت تقطع
اعينكم ان نظرت تقلع
والجيش المهزوم ان عاد الكرة لن يرجع
رعبا نحن لكم قد جئنا
ثم الويل لكم ان عدنا
ارض جئتوها احياءا ستنتهون بها اشلاءا
هذا وعد الله

A message from the Palestinian people: "We Support You!!"

"The resistance protects the people,
The people protect the resistance."

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