Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Dirty Cash (Money Talks)

I've no excuse, I just want you to use me
Take me and abuse me
I got no taboos, I'll make a trade with you
Do anything you want me to

I once had pride, now that's all behind
I want to get rich quick
I want success and all that goes with it
And I'm gonna use my sex

I'm dirty cash, the one that you asked for
I'm wanted by the rich and the poor
More and more, you just can't reject it
You're the junkie and I inject it
Into your blood stream, it's like a bad dream
Money's the theme, do you know what I mean?
(I'm dirty cash)

People are lying in the street
Trying to find somebody to meet
Who'll get them to the top and get them there fast
Trying to get that dirty cash
It doesn't matter, woman or man
Anyone who'll give them a hand
Cash money, that green
Cold cash, that's the scene
Artist: The Adventures Of Stevie V

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