Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Would The Real Terrorist Please Stand Up

"חבל שאין היום אנשים כמו ברוך גולשטיין לא היה נישאר ערבי אחד בארץ"
"I wish there were people like Baruch Goldstein today, not one Arab would be left in Israel."

Baruch Goldstein is an Israeli terrorist who slaughtered 29 Palestinian worshipers praying inside the Ibrahim Mosque and wounded 125 others. 19 Palestinians were killed by the IDF within 48 hours of the massacre.
Oh look another “bad apple” to add to the truck load.
"But why do Palestinians hate Israel so much! They only want peace!!"

We have a winner!!!
We all know what would have happened if a Muslim had made that statement.

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