Thursday, October 24, 2013

NSA Spied 124.8 Billion Phone Calls In A Month

While the majority of calls reportedly originated in the Middle East, an estimated 3 billion of the calls originated in the U.S.
According to a collection of the reports and leaked classified government files, the monitored calls took place throughout the month of January 2013 and tallied to 124.8 billion.
The map view seems to be captured on Jan 8, 2013, and captures reflects the last 30 days, just like the org views. (Declassify date: Jan 1, 2032), and is giving is some totals. There ought to be an Org view for each of the countries on the map view.  According to the FAQ, the org views appear to have the ability to drill down further than we've seen so far. The caveat here is the the FAQ warns that the totals on the Org and map views are not the same, be that as it may, we still should have some idea based on the published images.

Pakistan: 12.76 BillionAfghanistan: 21.98 BillionIndia: 6.28 billionIraq: 7.8 billion? (blurry image)Saudi Arabia: 7.8 billion ? (blurry image)United States: 3 Billion? (blurry image)Egypt: 1.9 Billion ? (blurry image)Iran: 1.73 BillionJordan: 1.6 BillionGermany: 361 MillionFrance: 70.2 MillionSpain: 61 MillionItaly: 46 MillionNetherlands: 1.8 Million
The rest of the world: Lots and Lots
Total: 124.8 billion.

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