Monday, September 30, 2013

French Interior Minister: Throw Out Roma People

French police stand guard as they evacuate a Roma encampment near Lille, on September 18, 2013 (AFP, Denis Charlet)

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls has defended his controversial call to deport tens of thousands of ethnic Roma people from the country, amid widespread criticism both from colleagues and the EU.

Valls said on Wednesday that he has "nothing to correct" and that the remarks "only shocked those who do not know the subject." 
"The majority (of Romas) should be delivered back to the borders," said Valls adding, "We are not here to welcome these people. I'd remind you of (former Socialist premier) Michel Rocard's statement: 'It's not France's job to deal with the misery of the whole world'."
The remarks came a day after Valls said any non-working Romas in France should be sent back to the borders, describing their way of life as "extremely different from ours," and claiming they will never integrate into French society. 

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