Sunday, December 23, 2012

NASA / Google Test Launch DTN (Interplanetary Internet)

DTN Flight Validation Experiment )

October 18, 2008:
The ION DTN software was successfully uploaded to the EPOXI spacecraft and activated on the backup flight computer and network traffic was observed being sent and received to/from the spacecraft in the DINET Experiment Operations Center.

October 20, 2008:
Images were successfully received at JPL via the first instance of an interplanetary network from the EPOXI spacecraft located approximately 80 light seconds from Earth. These same images were transmitted to the EPOXI spacecraft about 3 hrs earlier via the same network.

October 22, 2008:
During experiment Pass 2, 264046 bytes (5 images) delivered. ~97.6% link utilization.

October 27 & 29, 2008:
DINET tracking passes 3 and 4 were conducted. All contacts were completed successfully, with no diagnostic messages reported by the DINET software.

November 3, 2008:
During the 5th DSN tracking pass of the DINET experiment, an additional 35 image files totaling 1,587,420 bytes were delivered via the interplanetary network to image reception software in the DINET Experiment Operations Center.


The Deep Impact Networking Experiment is sponsored by the Space Communications and Navigation Office in NASA's Space Operations and Mission Directorate in Washington.

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