Friday, December 14, 2012

“I Have Not Lived In Vain”

GoldenpathMsOne-1.jpg Golden path
 © MsOne

I have not lived in vain, if one of men, 
Who trod the earth and breathed the air with me, 
Have felt the touch of man's divinity 
From God through me, and learned to hope again. 
And yet once more, I have not lived in vain 
If, barren here, I have gathered into me 
Seed that shall ripen in eternity. 
Fruit to mature, and buds to blossom, then. 
Therefore I pray that God would fill my soul 
Full of the might and splendour of His grace. 
That I may journey toward Him not alone. 
But that full many another of His own 
May travel with me, and at last the whole 
Of all mankind may see revealed His face.

Poem by: Alec de Candole

Photo's Name: Golden Path
By MsOne
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