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Letter Bombs Sent To Prominent Britons By Jewish Terrorists

The King David Hotel Jewish Terror Attack Against British Troops

Jewish terrorists have admitted sending letter bombs to, prominent Britons. The Stern gang said operations were being carried out by the European branch of the -."fighters for the freedom of Israel."

British Military Intelligence and Scotland Yard believe the letters have been, coming from Italy, and officers are be flying there in an attempt to break down the gang.

According to Reuters, Italian inquiries are now, centred in Milan.

A private secretary; at the Foreign Office received one of the letters addressed to the Foreign Minister (Mr. Bevin) and handed it to Scotland Yard. It was expected that an attempt would be made to injure Mr. Bevin and a special watch was being kept.

Mr. Anthony Eden, former Foreign Secretary, also received one of the letters, says, the "Daily Express." It was delivered at the House of Commons, but he carried it home unopened with other mail.

Next morning he kept an appointment without opening what appeared to be less urgent letters. When he arrived home, Scotland Yard warning was awaiting him.

Today Dr. H. E. Watts, chief surveyor of explosives at the Home Office, carried out experiments with bomb letters. They' consisted of two envelopes, the outer one of normal type and the inner. one of thin cardboard. Inside the inner envelope is an explosive like gelignite and a battery shaped like a pencil, wired to a detonator. The sides of the f cardboard envelope, keep a little, string colija pressed. . Anyone tearing open the envelope would release the spring and set off the detonator and possibly suffer enough wounds, from the gelignite to cause death.

Source: The National Library Of Australia

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The Invasion Of America

How The U.S. Took Over An Eighth Of The World 

See the rapid disappearance of Native American lands with this interactive map from
In treaty discussions, US troops often intimidated the negotiators, federal agents misrepresented the terms of agreement, and land speculators bribed participants. In desperate times, Indians signed away their homes in order to feed themselves and their families. In the 1850s, US presidents began using a second legal instrument to secure land, the executive order, and this prerogative grew in importance after 1871, when the federal government unilaterally stopped making treaties with native peoples. The power of the president to seize land by executive order may appear contrary to the sanctity of private property, one of the great legacies of the American Revolution, but white Americans never set Indian land title on the same footing as their own. Nor did they recognize the irony of their presumptions.

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Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, John Hurt

Sleep Now In The Fire

The lie is my expense 
The scope of my desire 
The Party blessed me with its future 
And I protect it with fire 
I am the Nina The Pinta The Santa Maria 
The noose and the rapist 
And the fields overseer 
The agents of orange 
The priests of Hiroshima 
The cost of my desire 
Artist: Rage Against The Machine

Running On Empty: Inside Gaza

Few people in Gaza see any chance of a breakthrough for the region, our Foreign Affairs correspondent Jonathan Miller has visited the region.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Indian Reservation

"We have been made to drink of the bitter cup of humiliation; treated like dogs, our lives, our liberties, the sport of the Whiteman; our country and the graves of our Fathers torn from us, in cruel succession until...we find ourselves fugitives, vagrants, and strangers in our own country."
                                                John Ross, Cherokee

“Build a fire under the Cherokee, when it gets hot enough, they’ll move!” 
President Andrew Jackson to the Georgia Congress prior to the 1835 Treaty of New Echota 

Artist: Paul Revere and The Raiders

The State Of Israel Is A Dictatorship

Prof. Leibowitz discusses the existence of Judeo-Nazis and of a Nazi-like mentality which is dominant in the Israel.

"Since the 6 day war, Israel is no longer a democracy. Israel deprives 2 million people of civil and political rights. 
Depriving 2 million people of their civil and political rights is not an opinion, but a reality.
That is what the state wants!
It is willfully that the state deprives these 2 million people of the civil and political rights.
The state of Israel is the only dictatorship that exists today in the enlightened world.
So it is not a coincidence that Israel is the only state n the world, in the enlightened world, in which the president of the supreme court was capable of saying that torture may be used in order to make Arab prisoners talk. 
Everyone knows full well that everywhere in the world those in power use torture, but it is illegal. All the states in the Western World, abolished it in the 18th century, even before the French Revolution, 200 years ago, they abolished the use of torture during police interrogations. All the Western countries, even Tsarist Russia. 
But the state of Israel represents the backwardness of a state body in which there is a monster who exercises the functions of the president of the Supreme Court, only to say that the use of torture is permitted when it is necessary in the interest of the state.
That shows that a Nazi-like mentality, because it is a Nazi mentality, also exist sin our country. That is a fact
But the fact is that in the Israeli legal system, neither the judges, nor the lawyers, challenged this man. 
That says a great deal about the Nazi mentality that is dominant here. 
In other words, there are Judeo-Nazi's. Judeo-Nazis exist!"

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jewish Jihadis

Those Who Say Israel Is Always Right and The World Is Out To Get Us Are Causing Long-Term Damage To Israel.

The NGO promoting aliyah from North America and Britain has a flawless PR operation. On Monday morning, it brought a plane-load of 338 new immigrants to Ben-Gurion Airport for a stage-managed rally attended by President Rivlin. The central attraction was a group of 108 young men and women who will be inducted into the IDF in a few weeks.
With all the patriotic fervor sweeping the country in the wake of the Gaza operation, no-one is asking the necessary question whether military service should be the first stage in a new life in Israel. Moreover, should the IDF continue opening its ranks to hundreds of young Jewish men who do not plan to become citizens and spend their lives in Israel?
No-one wants to ask this question so soon after Los Angeles-native Golani sharpshooter Max Steinberg was killed in the fighting in Gaza, but it should be asked nonetheless. Is the IDF doing itself and these recruits a disservice by becoming a foreign legion for the Diaspora?
Some writers in America and Britain have raised this issue in columns accusing various pro-Israel organizations of “brainwashing” and asking why these Jewish Jihadis” are different from Muslim men going off to fight for ISIS in Syria and Iraq

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Holographic Music

Artist: J.J. McGowan

Don’t Believe Netanyahu: The Palestinians Want Peace

Unfortunately many Israelis bought into the fallacy of this argument, and indeed, if Israel were to precipitately withdraw from the West Bank, as it did from Gaza, a similar result could theoretically reoccur.

The three violent wars between Hamas and Israel – Operation Cast Lead in 2008, Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, and this year’s Operation Protective Edge – are used by Netanyahu to falsely demonstrate the consequences of the Gaza withdrawal, rather than the consequences of maintaining the fragile conditions between Israel and the Palestinians.

Using lofty phrases to describe these operations against Hamas is not the answer. Depicting Hamas’ behavior and its doctrine of promoting Israel’s destruction to justify Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians in the West Bank only plays into the hands of extremist Palestinians.

Netanyahu is deliberately misleading the public to justify his obdurate refusal to embark on a significant withdrawal from the West Bank by rewriting the history of the withdrawal from Gaza and linking it directly to national security concerns.

Israeli intelligence at that time knew that Hamas was politically popular and had military capabilities that could overwhelm the PA’s internal security forces under Abbas in any confrontation.

But the desire of then-Prime Minister Sharon to rid Israel of a densely-populated Palestinian area, and his belief, as stated in the Kadima Party Platform, that  “…in order to maintain a Jewish majority, part of the Land of Israel must be given up to maintain a Jewish and democratic state,” provided the impetus to evacuate Gaza first.

To demonstrate his intentions that the withdrawal would not be limited to Gaza, in August 2005 Sharon ordered the evacuation of Sa-Nur and Homesh in northern West Bank, thus setting the nation on a course that could have ended the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

However, Sharon ignored the need to fully coordinate the evacuation of Gaza with the PA and failed to produce a well thought-out plan to implement the withdrawal in stages, which had significant national security implications.

Ideally, following the withdrawal, the Palestinians should have immediately embarked on building the infrastructure of a state and developing a substantial economic program to provide jobs and opportunities to tens of thousands of young Palestinians while demonstrating their commitment to live side-by-side Israel in peace.

The fact that this did not happen in Gaza should not affect the situation in the West Bank, especially since the PA, following the end of the second Intifada in 2005, officially renounced the use of force to achieve its political objective—an independent Palestinian state.
The PA has begun in earnest to build the foundations of a state with schools, clinics, a network of roads, and private and government institutions. They were even praised by Israel’s top security officials for their full cooperation with Israel on all security matters, even in times of increased tension between the two sides.
The Gaza experience in a way was positive and instructive in that it has shown the mistakes that Sharon made and how to avoid similar mistakes in any future disengagement from territories in the West Bank.
Leave it to Netanyahu, however, to use the Gaza experience to justify the continuation of the occupation rather than working out airtight plans with the PA that would entail security measures to ensure that the West Bank does not become a staging ground for attacks on Israel.
Although both Sharon and Netanyahu believe that “the Israeli nation has a national and historic right to the whole of Israel,” Sharon realized that he must give up part of it to preserve the Jewish national identity of the state.

Conversely, Netanyahu is driven by his conviction that Israel is not an occupying power and that the establishment of a Palestinian state on the same land forfeits Israel’s inherent right to the entire land.

That said, Israel is in a perfect position to withdraw from most of the West Bank without risking any aspect of its legitimate security concerns. In fact, a withdrawal based on preconceived plans and procedures will enhance rather than undermine Israel’s national security.
No one in their right mind can suggest that Israel should withdraw from the West Bank precipitously like it did from Gaza and Sothern Lebanon in 2000 almost overnight, with no coordination and no agreement with the PA or the Lebanese/Syrian governments, respectively.

Instead, it should be based on a number of agreed upon phases to be implemented over a period of five to ten years and entail well-defined reciprocal measures to be executed on schedule by both sides with monitoring mechanisms to ensure full compliance and prevent escalation.

In addition, mutual security arrangements should be determined in advance and a comprehensive economic development program must be central to any agreement so that the Palestinians develop vested interests and have the incentive to preserve it.

The Netanyahu government finds it extremely convenient to exploit the current violence in Jerusalem and the death of innocent Israelis and Palestinians by pointing out the “wisdom” of his policy to maintain the occupation and his refusal to make territorial concessions, presumably because of national security considerations.
Regardless of what precipitated the current violence, it only demonstrates that the status quo is untenable. The Israeli occupation is an occupation by any definition and is the mother of all evil that plagues Israeli-Palestinian relations.
Whether or not Israel has biblical or historic rights to the land is no longer relevant given the unshakable reality of the Palestinians, but Netanyahu and his company are too possessed to see the light.
It is time for the Israeli public, which has been systematically misled, to shed the fallacy behind the withdrawal from Gaza and demand that the Netanyahu government resign and elect new leaders who are totally committed to ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
I know this is a tall order, but there is always a moment in time when people rise above their human frailty. I believe that it is time for the Israelis to create that moment.

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir is a professor of international relations at the Center for Global Affairs at NYU. He teaches courses on international negotiation and Middle Eastern studies. 

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Jewish Volunteers For Racial Supremacy In Palestine

Thousands of young Jewish fighters from Europe and its colonial extensions have volunteered themselves for Israel’s colonial army(Yotam Ronen / ActiveStills)

Recruiting Jews To kill Palestinians

We examine the international Zionist Jewish brigades that have volunteered to join the Israeli colonial army with much eagerness to kill Arabs and Palestinians. This has been a successful project in light of the mobilizational Zionist and Israeli Jewish propaganda in the last seven decades among the Jewish communities of the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia and Argentina, to name the most prominent Jewish communities outside Israel.
This propaganda campaign aimed at transforming members of these communities from fighters against white Christian supremacy into fighters for European Jewish racial and colonial supremacy.
The dissemination of racist Israeli Jewish culture internationally goes hand-in-hand with Zionism’s pan-Jewishism, whereby, just as anti-Semitism speaks against all Jews, Zionism claims to speak for all of them — and reassures Jews that Israel is their country and that they should move to colonize it, failing which it would function as a spare country awaiting their arrival on a need to colonize basis.
That the major North American and European organizations that claim to speak for Jews have endorsed Israel’s right to speak for them and have been the major conduits for the hateful racist Israeli Jewish propaganda against the Palestinian people makes them fully complicit in the ongoing slaughter and oppression of the Palestinians. This is especially so given that they openly support anti-Palestinian Israeli colonial policies and urge their respective governments and media to do the same. (We must keep in mind these organizations and their wealthy leaders are not elected by members of the Jewish communities but appoint themselves as their representatives and speak for them in these organizations’ newspapers, which constitute what is referred to as the “Jewish” press.)
This is not to say that members of the Jewish communities are not pro-Israel and fervently anti-Palestinian, which they are in their majority, but it is to say that polls have shown them to be less murderous and hateful than the organizations claiming to represent them.

Organized Jewish communities are generally pro-Israel and fervently anti-Palestinian.
 (Tess Scheflan /ActiveStills)
Thus, Israel has created a hegemonic racist Jewish culture that does not only dominate Israeli Jewish communities but also Jewish communities in Europe and its settler colonial extensions (in the Americas, in Australia and in South Africa). This, however, was never sufficiently successful to produce millions of Jewish volunteers for Israel’s colonial cause (no matter how much European and American Jews support Zionism and Israel, few would want to fight or die for it). But it did create the conditions for thousands of young Jewish (mostly male) fighters for European racial supremacy to join the Israeli colonial army seeking to prove the superiority of European Jewishness (and a concomitant European Jewish manliness) by slaughtering Palestinians.
The Israeli colonial army advertises several programs to accommodate international Jewish volunteers for the oppression of the Palestinians. It provides them with the option to serve in the Israeli army in “full combat and support roles,” namely in its “Mahal” program, to fulfill their commitment to the Zionist cause of European Jewish supremacy without necessarily having to become Israeli citizens.
There is also the smaller “Marva” program in which young teenage Jewish recruits for Zionist Jewish supremacy can participate “in this immersive army program, serving alongside fellows from countries around the world.”
Israel’s killing machine proudly declares that “over 300 Jewish teens from all around the world volunteer to serve” in the Israeli colonial army annually as part of the four thousand “Jewish and non-Jewish” volunteers who “fly to Israel and volunteer in the IDF [Israeli military] for several weeks.” These may not be impressive numbers, but there are more.
One of the programs engineered to recruit Jewish youth for racial and religious supremacy is the “Garin Tzabar” project. Garin Tzabar means “cactus seed,” or “Sabra seed,” in reference to Palestine-born Israeli Jews, hence the importance of this program as a reproductive and masculinist project aimed at populating the Jewish settler-colony with more Zionist Jews committed to the superiority of European (and other) Jews over Palestinians.
Garin Tzabar, according to the Israeli colonial army, has “already helped over 1,500 teens from all around the world join the IDF and approximately 70 percent of the immigrants have stayed in Israel after their service.”
Garin Tzabar is not the only volunteer program. There are others like the “Sar-El” program, which claims that it has brought between 1983 and 2011 “more than a hundred thousand volunteers to Israel … 
Staying in Israel for several weeks, the participants share a true IDF experience on IDF bases” (Israel refers to these European and American volunteers for Jewish racial supremacy as “lone soldiers”).
The Israeli military claimed that in 2012, “5,500 lone soldiers” were serving in its colonial forces whereas today it claims to have 4,600 volunteers, one-third of whom are Americans.
In the ongoing barbaric slaughter of Gaza Palestinians, two of the Palestinian baby-killing Jewish soldiers (as I’ve written previously, targeting and killing Palestinian children is an old Zionist tradition) who were killed by the Palestinian resistance were American Jewish volunteers for Jewish racial and colonial supremacy.
They quickly became heroes for the American press, “Jewish” and “gentile” alike. Indeed an article appeared in The Washington Post to show how these baby-killers are different from Muslim foreign fighters who volunteered to overthrow the Afghani communist government and more recently several Arab governments (“‘Foreign Fighters’ for Israel,” David Malet, 22 July 2014). Few, however, mention the White European and American Christian mercenary foreign fighters who have served tyrannies around the word since the Second World War.

Colonial Recruitment

These Israeli volunteer programs build on the legacy of the four thousand Jewish volunteers who came to fight the Zionist colonial war of 1948 that captured Palestine and expelled its population and established the European Jewish-supremacist settler-colony. Known as Mahal, the main volunteer program included American Jews as prominent and important members assisting in Israel’s colonial conquest.
They included Mickey Marcus, an American Jewish US Army colonel who became Israel’s first brigadier general. Marcus’ Second World War experience was instrumental in breaking the 1948 “siege of Jerusalem.”
Other important Jewish volunteers included the Canadian officer Ben Dunkelman and US pilot Milton Rubenfeld, as well as British Jewish Major Wellesley Aron who helped in the recruitment of American Jews for Zionism’s colonial war. European and American Christian Zionist mercenaries also helped, especially in the Zionist air force. These colonial volunteers fighting for racism, especially from the UK, constituted almost two-thirds of the settler-colony’s air force during the 1948 war.
David Ben-Gurion, the Jewish settler-colony’s first prime minister, was so thankful to them that he stated that “the Mahal [volunteer] Forces were the Diaspora’s most important contribution to the survival of the State of Israel.” Indeed they were: 123 of them died in that colonial war.

Jews In The Struggle Against Israeli Racism

But unlike Jews inside Israel, Jewish communities in Europe, North and South America, and even in Australia, live in cultures that are not fully controlled by Zionist propaganda and therefore are not fully under the sway of the racist culture that Israel seeks to impose on them. It is this that explains how an increasing number of prominent members in the Jewish communities of the US and the UK, among intellectuals and academics, are in the forefront of the struggle against Israeli Jewish racism and colonialism (in contrast with apartheidSouth Africa which had a substantial number of white anti-racist activists and intellectuals, only a few Israeli Jewish intellectuals have been able over the decades to escape Israeli racist brainwashing — a feat unto itself).
Today many American Jewish luminaries in academe oppose Israeli policies unreservedly. Whereas once Noam Chomsky was a lone Jewish academic voice critical of Israel, he is today joined by scores of Jewish academics and intellectuals in opposing Israeli policies (of course these Jewish academics along with anti-Zionist gentile academics remain a minority and are outflanked by the much larger Jewish and gentile academics who are militant enemies of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims).

The fight for Palestinian rights and liberation is the latest phase of the historic fight against anti-Semitism.
(Tess Scheflan / ActiveStills)
Some, like the prominent American Jewish philosopher Judith Butler, have surpassed Chomsky in their opposition to Zionist and Israeli racism and colonialism, and are vocal supporters of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement and call for a one-state solution, both of which Chomsky does not support. In fact, a few Palestinian-American academics have also opposed both of these important positions or remained “neutral” on them (some used the rhetorical strategy, of “on the one hand this and on the other hand that”). Though in the last year some, fearing being left outside the leftist mainstream which has adopted these positions, have decided to show a belated “courage” in adopting these positions more than a decade after everyone else has.
And this is not limited to Jewish intellectuals but extends also to Jewish activists, especially groups like Jewish Voice for Peace (which, among many of its anti-racist activities, played an important role in helping Palestinians and others persuade the Presbyterian Church USA to divest from companies profiting from the Israeli occupation), and the countless Jewish students joining, and in a good number of cases, leading groups like Students for Justice in Palestine based on their commitment to fight racism and colonialism, values that are the diametrical opposite of Zionist colonial racism and fascist tribalism.
It is these Jewish fighters against Zionism and Israeli colonialism and racism that are continuing the Jewish fight against anti-Semitism but who remain unsung heroes in the American “Jewish” and “gentile” press that prefers to celebrate baby-killing Zionist Jewish volunteers for Israeli Jewish supremacy instead.
These Jewish fighters against racism have joined the Palestinian people and their international allies (Jewish and gentile alike) in fighting this ongoing historical battle against the forces of racial supremacy and colonial conquest. They understand well, as the Palestinian national movement has always understood, that the fight for Palestinian rights and liberation from the Jewish settler-colony is the latest phase of the historic fight against anti-Semitism and that the fight for Zionism is part of the war for European racial supremacy and colonialism.
The carnage that Israeli Jewish soldiers and international Zionist Jewish brigades of baby-killers are committing in Gaza (and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, let alone against Palestinian citizens of Israel) is but the starkest reminder of this unshakeable conviction.
Joseph Massad is professor of modern Arab politics and intellectual history at Columbia University. He is author of the forthcoming Islam in Liberalism.

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Robabeh Jan

Artist: Farid Farjad

The Aliya Battalion

Israel’s Secret War On Palestinians

In 1948 hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled the war as Israeli forces depopulated and destroyed hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages to make way for their settlers arriving from Europe and to establish the Zionist state of Israel. The Palestinians who fled their ancestral land have not been allowed to return to their homes even after 60 years. Their homes and lands are now occupied by Israeli citizens. Those Palestinians are still refugees in neighboring countries and across the globe. They have formed the Palestinian Diaspora. 
But as tragic as that maybe, this is not the end of the story, those Palestinians who stayed inside their country’s borders have watched their lands being stolen by the Zionist regime. These rightful owners of the land who once enjoyed a prosperous life have experienced all hell break loose as the Zionist regime of Israel wages war after war on these defenseless people. The “The Aliya Battalion” is a documentary about Israel’s secret activities in targeting and terrorizing the civilian population in an effort to annihilate and eradicate the Palestinian nation. With interviews from the Palestinians and Israelis and members from the Aliya Battalion this eye opening documentary reveals what is really happening in Palestine.

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Beautiful Chemical Reactions

Eight types of beautiful chemical reactions are presented in this short video. For more information, please visit:
Video & Editing
Yan Liang (
Chemical Reaction Design
Xiangang Tao, Wei Huang, & Yan Liang
Chemical reactions were shot at the Chemistry Experiment Teaching Center of USTC
Royalty-free audio clips from Maxon Cinema 4D Assets
© 2014 Institute of Advanced Technology, University of Science and Technology of China
© 2014 Tsinghua University Press

Beatings and Abuse Of Palestinians By Israeli Security Forces

“Do you know what it means to serve in the occupied Palestinian territories?” With these words, Breaking the Silence released stunning testimonies from former soldiers, six Israeli women. 

Some of the ghastly headlines: “Slap,” “Collective Punishment,” “Flak Jackets with ‘Death to Arabs Written on Them'” “Throwing them into the sewage pit,” “Because I’m bored,” “Settler violence.”

Brutalization,  debasement, degradation! Israeli society has lost its soul. 

In this video, a women describes the brutalization of the Palestinians, enforced by debasing peer pressure among the soldiers:
“You can’t think that they’re good hardworking people trying to survive in a closed, place.”
“Later I realized that in order to be there you have to break them, break their spirit. Breaking them means  making them wait, blindfolding them, treating them badly, writing ‘Death to Arabs’ on their vests.”
“Putting cigarettes out on them.”
Several describe routine thefts from Palestinians: of prayer beads, pottery, food. What is wrong with taking gifts? one said to herself.

One stated: "We could do whatever we wanted."
“People don’t know what’s going on there.”
View more testimonies @: Breaking The Silence

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Starring: Gerard Butler, Ioan Gruffudd, Melanie Lynskey

Land Of Confusion

Artist: Disturbed

Israeli Soldiers Protect Settlers Attacking Palestinian Villagers

The IDF troops did nothing to stop Israeli settlers from attacking Palestinian villagers, according to videos released by the Yesh Din rights group, showing soldiers pointing guns at Palestinians while Israelis are throwing stones from behind their backs.
In the three amateur videos released by the Yesh Din human rights group, the IDF soldiers appear to be protecting the masked Jewish settlers from Yitzhar during their confrontation with Palestinians in the village of Urif in the West Bank on Tuesday.
“IDF soldiers have the obligation, based on international law and High Court of Justice rulings, to protect Palestinian residents from violence, and IDF soldiers have the authority to detain suspects, including Israeli suspects, until the police arrive,” Yesh Din said in a statement.
The footage shows at least 5 armed IDF soldiers standing amongst the settlers and at times pointing guns at the Palestinians.
“The disturbing video footage demands vigorous investigation and the immediate prosecution of the soldiers involved. An examination must also be carried out of whether the soldiers’ commanders bear liability for the conduct of their subordinates,” attorney Emily Schaeffer Omer-Man, legal advisor to Yesh Din’s said.
The Israeli settlers’ attack on Palestinians reportedly took place just hours after a deadly attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem which killed 5 Israelis.
According to the IDF around 200 Palestinians engaged some 50 settlers by throwing stones in an area between the settlement of Yitzhar and the Palestinian village of Urif, Haaretz reports. 
Beside the stone throwing exchange, Israeli settlers also attacked a Palestinian school in Urif, Ghassan Daghlas, an official who monitors settler activity in the northern West Bank told Ma'an news agency. 

After Palestinians intervened and clashed with Israelis, IDF forces interfered in clashes by firing tear gas and stun grenades and injured six Palestinians with rubber-coated steel bullets. Cases of teargas suffocation were also reported.

Source: Russia Today

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Edge Of A Revolution

Artist: NickleBack

Jihadis Are Like Jews Who Left For Palestine

The Theme Of The Broadcast Was About Possibly Confiscating The Passports Of Jihadists.

In the interview, Broertjes, a politician for Dutch Labor and former editor-in-chief of the highbrow Volkskrant daily, was asked whether he thought Jihadists who are leaving to fight in Syria and Iraq should be prevented from departing.
He opposed such steps, and added: 
“Dutchmen after World War II went to Israel to fight the English. We didn’t prevent them then.”

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

To Our Countries - لبلادي

لبلادي عمل من إعداد وإنتاج وتنفيذ مجموعة شباب يقيمون في السويد وهم من سوريا و العراق و لبنان و فلسطين. على أمل السلام

To Our Countries is a project produced by a group of youths who live in Sweden and are originally from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.

Racism Is Embedded In Jewish Israeli Society

The casualness in which the man expresses his sense of entitlement, reveals something so extraordinary about how racism is embedded and reinforced within Jewish Israeli society. 

Here’s The Transcript:
Woman: I have a right that no one will search my bag. If a policeman comes here, with a license, then I agree. If you don’t have a license, then regarding private things, I do not cede to anyone [letting them] check me.
Man:  It’s not that terrible.
Passengers: She is right.
Passengers: She is not right.
Woman: If you don’t feel safe, then simply please call the police.
Passengers: She is not right.
Passengers: Why?
Woman: If you feel unsafe then simply, I have no problem….
Man: If there’s anything suspicious, we need to check, that’s all.
Woman: Suspicious? What do you mean by that? Explain to me what suspicious means. My head scarf is suspicious? That’s what frightens you? So get off [the bus].
Man:  It’s not something personal.
Passenger:  It’s very insulting. I am a citizen here. I’m also an Arab
Woman: The fact you define us [inaudible] a person who is on the bus.
Man:   Both of us agree that this is an unpleasant situation. It’s embarrassing, it’s shaming and it’s insulting.
Woman: Not only embarrassing and insulting…
Man:  Then what?
Woman: It’s the matter of “security”.
Man:   Now, listen to me. I am only posing a request. I can tell you that I am studying a lot about Islam and Quran, and I really identify with the Arabic culture. You don’t know that I am…
Woman: It’s not a matter of culture.
Man:  Listen for a second. listen. I know, I know about all the sensitivities. I also worked for many years with a mixed population. What I am saying, since we are all now in a very…all the Israelis are in a very tense situation now. That’s something objective.
Passenger:  Me too, I am not in a safe situation now.
Some of the other people on the bus normalize this man’s request by their agreement, some by their silence, as if it’s the most natural thing for any Jewish person to have the right to request inspection of any Palestinian person anywhere, simply as a matter of course. The blond girl also trying to convince the woman, it’s mind-boggling.

David Remnick writes in an article in the NewYorker, Israel’s One-State Reality,
 More explicitly jingoistic and racist elements now operate closer to the center of Israeli political life. Some well-known figures in the religious world speak openly in an anti-democratic rhetoric of Jewish supremacy—“strength and victimhood all melded together,” as one Israeli friend put it to me.
This rhetoric of Jewish supremacy, how are people supposed to live around and deal with this mentality? That is a serious question.
Translation and subtitles by Ronnie Barkan 
By Annie Robbins

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Grave Of Jewish Mass-Murderer Baruch Goldstein

The grave of Baruch Goldstein, the Jewish extremist who gunned down 29 Muslims inside the Mosque of Ibrahim in Hebron in 1994.

On a hillside in the settlement of Kiryat Arba, overlooking the large West Bank Palestinian city of al-Khalil — known to Israeli Jews and most foreigners by its biblical name of  “Hebron” – is the grave monument of Dr. Baruch Goldstein.

On the Jewish holiday of Purim, February 25, 1994, Goldstein, then a reserve officer in the Israeli army, walked into the Mosque of Ibrahim (the traditional burial place of the Patriarch Abraham) in uniform and with his army-issued weapon, opening fire on the Muslim worshippers. 29 people were murdered outright and 125 wounded before the survivors managed to disarm Goldstein and kill him on the spot.

For many far-right Israeli Jews and especially the settler movement Goldstein was a martyr to the cause of religious Zionism.  His grave in a ceremonial plaza overlooking the Palestinian town became a place of pilgrimage and celebration – to the great embarrassment of the Israeli government and many of its supporters in the US. 

The Hebrew inscription on Goldstein’s grave monument reads, in part:
“The revered Dr. Baruch Kapel Goldstein… Son of Israel.  He gave his soul for the sake of the people of Israel, The Torah, and the Land.  His hands are clean and his heart good… He was assassinated for the Sanctity of God”
During the annual observance of the Purim holiday, settlers gather at Goldstein’s grave to celebrate his deed and sing songs in praise of the man they regard as a noble martyr.  One of the songs includes the verse:

“Dr. Goldstein, there is none other like you in the world. Dr. Goldstein, we all love you… he aimed at terrorists’ heads, squeezed the trigger hard, and shot bullets, and shot, and shot.
Then the settlers march down to pray at the Mosque/Synagogue of Abraham, accompanied by a  massive show of force by Israeli army troops. 

The 1994 Hebron Massacre launched a fierce outburst of violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories, which included the first suicide bombings carried out by Hamas within the 1948 borders.  

But in this case (Jewish) terrorism worked.  The ancient burial place of the Patriarchs, was now divided into a Muslim and a Jewish section and made accessible to Jewish worshipers and foreign tourists.  

Source: MondoWeiss

The above post is in response to the following post made by, "Ram Locke," from Google Plus, about the Synagogue attack that occurred in occupied Jerusalem:

Another picture from the brutal and cowardly attack this morning on a synagogue in Jerusalem.  No words are needed to describe the horror.
But the "majority of Palestinians want Peace" according to the administration.  Who is full of chickenshit now?  Somehow, we don't hear the statement from the administration (which is totally true) "the majority of Kurds want peace" followed by "and so they should be negotiated with for a free Kurdistan"! Are we only friends with our enemies and do not support our friends?

I do not condone attacks on civilians, but I am merely exposing the suffocating double standards and the "convenient" loss of memory by members of Israeli society, some followers of the Jewish faith and their supporters.

Israeli's conduct pilgrimages to the grave of an extremist and mass-murderer. An extremist and mass-murderer who is revered and honored, is a sign that they truly seek peace with the Palestinians. 
> Israel continues to steal land and build illegal settlements in the West Bank, which is a definitive sign that it seeks peace.
> Israel continues to arrest Palestinian children, which is a definitive sign that it seeks peace.
> Apartheid Wall, Apartheid buses, Apartheid roads, are a definitive sign that Israel seeks peace.
> Israel stymies every effort to unify the West Bank and Gaza, which is a definitive sign that most Israeli's want peace.
> Israel periodically assaults and devastates Gaza, which is yet another sign that it seeks peace.
> Israel starves over 1 million people in Gaza, which is a sign of it seeking peace. 
> Israel employed violence, terrorism and other military means to establish facts on the ground that led to its creation. Did they only resort to negotiations or did they let the gun speak for them?