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Rabbinical Council: 'Enemy Has No Innocents'

--Yesha Rabbinical Council: During Time Of War, Enemy Has No Innocents--

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The Yesha Rabbinical Council announced in response to an IDF attack on Kfar Qanna that

"According to Jewish law, during a time of battle and war, there is no such term as 'innocents' of the enemy."

"All of the discussions on Christian morality are weakening the spirit of the army and the nation and are costing us in the blood of our soldiers and civilians,"

The statement said. (Efrat Weiss)


Israel: Relations With Spain Hurt

Courtesy Of: Haaretz
By: Reuters

Israel's envoy to Spain said on Thursday the two countries' relations had been damaged after the Spanish Prime Minister accused Israel of using "abusive force" during an event at which he also wore a Palestinian scarf.

Spain's ability to use its influence to help defuse the growing MiddleEast conflict could suffer following the speech by Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to a meeting of Young Socialists on Wednesday, Ambassador Victor Harel said.

..."Each declaration which is not balanced has consequences for parties who want to use their influence," Harel told reporters at Madrid's Ritz Hotel where he listened to Spanish Foreign Minister Angel Moratinos at a conference.

Relations with Spain "are not in their best moments," he said.

Zapatero...had told the Young Socialists: "No one should defend themselves with abusive force which does not protect innocent human beings."

...Moratinos, who was the EU's Middle East peace envoy, angrily denied an accusation at the conference by a former Spanish Jewish community leader that Zapatero's remarks was anti-Semitic.

During the question-and-answer session at the breakfast, Mauricio Hatchwell, a member of Spain's small Jewish community, accused Zapatero of being antisemitic.

Moratinos reacted sternly, saying one could be a loyal ally of Israel and still criticize it without being antisemitic.

He addressed Hatchwell personally and told him not to repeat such criticism of the government.

"Let this be the last time you publicly denounce and condemn and express yourself saying a Spanish government is antisemitic," Moratinos said.

He said he was not worried by the diplomatic effect of photographs in Spanish newspapers on Thursday of a grinning Zapatero wearing a black-and-white Palestinian scarf passed to him by a student at Wednesday's meeting.

"I imagine that when Prime Minister Zapatero goes to the Wailing Wall, he'll put on a Kippah," said Moratinos, referring to a traditional Jewish skull cap and Jerusalem's Western Wall.


Video Report From Qana

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By: The BBC
RunTime: 3 Minutes

Witnesses said the early-morning strike hit the three-storey building where families had been sheltering in the basement, crushing it sideways into an enormous crater.

One surviver said the "bombing was so intense that no-one could move."

Elderly, women and children were among those killed in the raid, which wrought destruction over a wide area.

WARNING: This report contains some images you may find distressing...

The Drag Queen Statesmen

Israel's Ethnic Weapon?

Courtesy of: Wired News
Nov, 16, 1998

Israel is reportedly developing a biological weapon, that would harm Arabs while leaving Jews unaffected, according to a report in London's Sunday Times [1].

The report, citing Israeli military and Western intelligence sources, says that scientists are trying to identify distinctive genes carried by Arabs to create a genetically modified bacterium or virus.

The "ethno-bomb" is reportedly Israel's response to the threat that Iraq may be Just weeks away from completing its own biological weapons.

The "ethno-bomb" program is based at Israel's Nes Tziyona research facility. Scientists are trying to use viruses and bacteria to alter DNA inside living cells and attack only those cells bearing Arabic genes.

The task is very complex because both Arabs and Jews are Semitic people. But according to the report, the Israelis have succeeded in isolating particular characteristics of certain Arabs, "particularly the Iraqi people."

Dedi Zucker, a member of the Israeli Parliament, denounced the research in the Sunday Times.

"Morally, based on our history, and our tradition and our experience, such a weapon is monstrous and should be denied."

Last month, Foreign Report [2] claimed that Israel was following in the ignominous footsteps of Apartheid-era research, in their supposed efforts to develop an "ethnic bullet."





Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunnis Fight Alongside Hizbullah

Courtesy Of: Dubai Photo Media
Saturday, July 29 2006

Beirut--Rejecting calls banning support for the Shiite Hizbullah Resistance Group, Lebanese Sunnis are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Hizbullah fighters in defending Lebanon against the relentless Israeli onslaught, the deputy head of Lebanon's Al-Jama Al-Islamiya (Islamic Group) said on Saturday, July 29.

"The Sunni Islamic Group in Lebanon fighters are defending Southern Lebanon hand-in-hand with Hizbullah," Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Masri, the Group's Deputy Chairman, said in an interview with

"We have military combatant groups in the border areas to defend villages there."

Declining to reveal the size of the group's military presence in the area, Masri said the Sunni fighters are mainly stationed in southern villages along borders between Lebanon and modern-day Israel, and around the city of Sidon.

"There are two mainly Sunni strongholds comprising the villages of Araqoub, Shabaa, Habariya and Kafr Shuba along with western villages like Marwahin and Albustan," he elaborated.

He went on: "We, in coordination with Hizbullah, took charge of these areas and agreed that Hizbullah would have the final say in a ceasefire."

Legitimate Right

"Hizbullah is doing great efforts which we all strongly support," Masri said.

..."Resistance against Israel is a national and legitimate right. The whole Muslim Nation including intellectuals and scholars has to support the Lebanese Resistance," he averred.

The tide of public opinion across the Arab World is surging behind the Lebanese Resistance Movement with its head Hassan Nasrallah becoming a folk hero.

...Respected Muslim Scholar Sheikh Yusuf AL-Qaradawi has said that support of the Lebanese Resistance was a Muslim duty.

"When the enemy enters a country all the people there should unite to resist, be they Sunnis or Shiites, Muslims or Christians...Such divisions hurt the resistance, which requires everyone to close ranks and speak in one voice," Qaradawi said.

"One is not allowed to instigate religious fanaticism which divides the people," he told the Doha-based AlJazeera Television.

The international Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) also warned against calls fueling sectarian division between Sunnis and Shiites.

Egypt's Mufti, Sheikh Ali Gomaa, also said Hizbullah Resistance Group was defending Lebanon against Israeli injustice.

"The attacks, killing and destruction that are taking place in Lebanon now by Israeli forces are injustice itself," Mufti Ali Gomaa told a meeting in Southern Egypt.

"This gives the Lebanese the right to defend themselves. Hizbullah is defending its country and what it is doing is not terrorism," he added.

On Thursday Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, the largest Muslim political movement in the Arab World, also rejected the Saudi Fatwa.


Lebanon Says Rice Unwelcome

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Sun., Jul 30, 2006

Beirut--With the bodies of slain children and women being dug out from under the rubble of buildings pounded by Israel in the southern village of Qana, Lebanon told US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday, July 30, she would be unwelcome in the country without an immediate ceasefire.

"There is no place on this sad morning for any discussion other than an immediate and unconditional ceasefire as well as an international investigation into the Israeli massacres in Lebanon," Prime Minister Fouad Siniora told a news conference in Beirut, reported Reuters.

"Targeting this innocent village is unacceptable," he said.

Siniora called on the international community an Arab countries "To stand united in the face of the Israeli war criminals."

"The persistence of Israel in its heinous crimes against our civilians will not break the will of the Lebanese people."

An Israeli airstrike killed at least 55 vivilians, mostly children, in Qana, the bloodiest single attack during Israel's 19-day war on lebanon.

Qana was the site of an Israeli bombing of a UN base on April 18, 1996, that killed 105 people who had taken refuge there during Israel's "Grapes of Wrath" offensive.

Hundreds of people, mostly Lebanese civilians, have been killed in Israeli attacks since July 12.

This Is The Terrorist State Of Israel

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July 30, 2006

--The Qana Massacre--

Warning: Graphic Scenes...Viewer Discretion Advised...

Barbarians At The Gate

1. "The massacre committed by Israel in Qana shows the barbarity of this aggressive entity. It constitutes state terrorism committed in front of the eyes and ears of the world."
[Bashar al-Asad, Syria's President].

2. "This criminal aggression is an ugly crime that has been committed by the Israeli forces in the city of Qana that is a gross violation of all international statutes."
[King Abdullah of Jordan].

3. "I think Israeli officials and some American ones should be tried for these sorts of crimes." [Hamid Reza Asefi, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman].

4. "The Arab Republic of Egypt is highly disturbed and condemns the irresponsible Israeli attack on the Lebanese village of Qana, which led to the loss of innocent victims, most of which were women and children." [Statement from the Presidency of Egypt].

5. "Nothing can Justify that." [Javier Solana, the European Union's Foreign Policy Chief].

6. "France condemns this unjustified action, which demonstrates more than ever the need for an immediate ceasefire without which there will only be other such incidents."
[The office of the French President, Jacques Chirac].

7. "There is no place on this sad morning for any discussion other than an immediate and unconditional ceasefire as well as an international investigation into the Israeli massacres in Lebanon now" [Lebanon's Premier, Fouad Siniora].

8. "This horrific massacre [at Qana] will not go without a response" [Hezbollah statement].

9. "In the face of this open war against the Arab and Muslim nations all options are open, including striking the depths of the zionist entity." [Mushir al-Masri, an MP with the Palestinian ruling Hamas Group].

10. "This massacre will enhance the Lebanese people's determination to endure Israeli aggression and will increase the [Hezbollah's] resistance's determination to confront this enemy."

"Israel is mistaken and deceived if it believes it can break the will of the Lebanese people in this way." [Hasan Fadlallah, a Hezbollah MP].


Quotes 1 through 9 were taken from the article tittled, "Israeli Attack Draws Outrage," from:

Quote number 10 was taken from the article titled, "UN Stormed Amid Fury Over Qana Bombing," from

The date both articles were published is, Sunday 30, July 2006.

Israeli PM's Daughter Protests Gaza Killings

--Dana Olmert takes part on left-wing demonstration outside army chiefs house; protestors call Halutz 'murderer,' declare 'intifada shall prevail.' Meanwhile, human rights group sends letter to PM, Defense Minister, calling on them to stop war crimes in territories--

Courtesy Of: YNetNews
By Avi Cohen

Some 200 left-wing activists marched outside the house of IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz at the Tzahala neighborhood in Tel Aviv Saturday evening, to protest the killing of civilians in Gaza on Friday.

The demonstratiors chanted slogans such as "Tzahala residents, there's a murderer in your neighborhood," and raised signs calling on the government to "Put a stop to the murder of civilians" and stating "Halutz is a killer, the intifada shall prevail."

Activists also shouted, "Neighbors, ask Halutz why he's killing children and how many."

Dana Olmert, the daughter of Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, also took part in the demonstration.

Letter To Olmert: Stop War Crimes

Five human rights organizations sent a letter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz, calling on them to act immediately in order to put an end to the killing of Palestinian civilians in the teritories, and to "Uproot the elements that contribute to this killing."

According to the letter, while it is Israel's duty to take all necessary measures in order to protect its citizens, it is however unacceptable for a sovereign state to employ illegal methods which in some occasions constitute war crimes.

The groups stressed in the letter that one of Israel's obligations according to humanitarian international law, is to minimize the ramifications of military operation on the civilian population, and to secure the wellbeing and safety of the Palestinian civilians even during battle.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

US Less Worried About Lebanese Civilians

Courtesy Of: Alertnet
28 Jul 2006

Helsinki, July 28 (Reuters)--Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, whose country holds the EU Presidency said on Friday Americans were less worried about the fate of Lebanese civilians than Europeans were.

"The Americans still believe the use of military power will deliver results against Hizbollah and they support Israel," he said in an interview with the Finnish weekly magazine Suomen Kuvalehti.

"The (the Americans) are not as worried about Lebanese civilians as Europeans," Tuomioja added.


Aid Corridors 'An Illusion'

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Friday 28 July 2006

An international medical charity has said that Israel's promised humanitarian aid corridors in South Lebanon are an illusion and that rockets have landed close to its teams two days in a row.

"It's a kind of humanitarian alibi because in effect there is no real humanitarian access in the south," said Christopher Stokes of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) or Doctors Without Borders.

"The international community is deluding itself, if it believes there is."

..."We have had contacts [with the Israeli Army]. They have not been very productive, in terms of having contacts for security guarantees and we not been given any encouragement that we would have the guarantees to work in the south," Stokes said.

...Robin Lodge, of the World Food Programme (WFP) said the organisation had been unable to move supplies trucked to Tyre beyond to villages in the south.

..."But for security reasons we are not able to get the areas South of Tyre," he said.

"We are keenly aware of the needs."

The UN estimates there are up to 800,000 people in Lebanon displaced by the fighting and bombing.


Why Hezbollah Is Winnig

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By William S. Lind

The stakes in the Israel-Hezbollah-Hamas war are significantly higher than most observers understand.

If Hezbollah and Hamas win--and winning Just means surviving, giving that Israel's objective is to destroy both entities--A powerful state will have suffered a new kind of defeat, again, a defeat across at least one international boundary and maybe two, depending on how one defines Gaza's border.

The balance between states and "Fourth Generation Warfare" forces will be altered world-wide, and not to a trivial degree.

So far, Hezbollah is winning. As Arab states stood silent and helpless before Israel's assault on Hamas, another non-state entity, Hezbollah, intervened to relieve the siege of Gaza by opening a second front.

Its initial move, a brilliantly conducted raid that killed eight Israeli soldiers and captured two for the losss of one Hezbollah fighter, showed once again that Hezbollah can take on state armed forces on even terms (The Chechens are the only 4GW force to demonstrate that capability).

In both respects, the contrast with Arab states will be clear on the street, pushing the Arab and larger Islamic World's further away from the state.

Hezbollah then pulled off two more firsts. It responded effectively to terror bombings from the air, which states think is their monopoly, with rocket barrages that reached deep into Israel.

One can only imagine how this resonated world-wide with people who are often bombed but can never bomb back.

And, it attacked another state monopoly, navies, by hitting and disabling a blockading Israeli warship with something (I question Israel's claim that the weapon was a C-801 anti-ship missile, which should have sunk a small missile corvette). Hezbollah's leadership has promised more surprises.

In response, Israel has had to hit not Hezbollah but the state of Lebanon. Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, referring to the initial Hezbollah raid, "I want to make clear that the event this morning is not a terror act but the act of a sovereign state that attacked Israel without reason."

This is an obvious fiction, as the state of Lebanon had nothing to do with the raid and cannot control Hezbollah. But it is a necessary fiction for Israel, because otherwise who can it respond against?

Again we see the power of 4GW entities obtain by hiding within states but not being a state.

What comes next? In the short run, the question may be which runs out first, Hezbollah's supply of rockets or the world's patience with Israel bombing the helpless state of Lebanon.

If the latter continues much longer, the Lebanese government may collapse, undoing one of America's few recent successes in the Islamic World.

The critical question is whether the current fighting spreads region-wide. It is possible that Hezbollah attacked Israel not only to relieve the siege of Hamas in Gaza but also to pre-empt an Israeli strike on Iran.

The current Iranian government is not disposed to sit passively like Saddam and await an Israeli or American attack. It may have given Hezbollah a green light in order to bog Israel down locally to the point where it would not also want war with Iran.

However, Israel's response may be exactly the opposite. Olmert also said, "Nothing will deter us, whatever far-reaching ramifications regarding our relations on the northern border and in the region there may be." The phrase "In the region" could refer to Syria, Iran or both.

If Israel does attack Iran, the "Summer of 1914" analogy may play itself out, catastrophically for the United States.

As I have warned many times, war with Iran (Iran has publicly stated it would regard an Israeli attack as an attack by the U.S. also) could easily cost America the army it now has deployed in Iraq.

It would almost certainly send shock waves through an already fragile world economy, potentially bringing that house of cards down.

A Bush administration that has sneered at "Stability" could find out Just how high the price of instability can be.

It is clear what Washington needs to do to try to prevent such an outcome: Publicly distance the U.S. from Israel while privately informing Mr. Olmert that it will not tolerate an Israeli strike on Iran.

Unfortunately, Israel is to America what Serbia was to Russia in 1914. That may be the most disturbing aspect of the "Summer of 1914" analogy.


Cat Stevens Becomes Yusuf Islam

Courtesy of: Google Video
RunTime: 1 hr 6 min 45 sec

Cat Stevens burst onto the pop music scene in the swinging 70's. After being told that he had a very limited time to live and so he sent 7 albums to the top 10.

After selling 40 million records he abandoned the music business to find himself and his Journey through Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Numerology and finally Islam.

Hear his remarkable Journey in this documentary:

To Lebanon With Love

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Added: July 26, 2006
RunTime: 5:23

To all the people of Lebanon caught up in this, who never asked for it (Not forgetting the Palestinians)...

"...The US is giving Israel More time to bomb..."

"...How can you allow the killing to go on until you find a plan?..."


If is banned in your country, you can view this moving video on this site:

100,000 Whiners For War Crimes

Courtesy of: Wake Up From Your Slumber
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called up 100,000 apologists for Israel to spam web sites reporting the Israeli Death Forces' horros in Lebanon.

Just like Israel bombed the UN [1] and bombed the USS Liberty [2], get ready for Israel Fisters to bomb your web site with Bu**sh** [3].

The following notice is being circulated to potential supporters of Israel's genocide and war crimes:

"Please go to [4], download the Megaphone and you will receive daily updates with instant links to important internet polls, problematic articles that require a talk back, etc.

We need 100,000 Megaphone users to make a difference. So, please distribute this mail to all Israel's supporters.

Do it now. For Israel."

Amir Gissin
Director Public Affairs (Hasbara) Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem

Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs understands that today's conflicts are won by public opinion. They mobilize pro-Israel activists to be active and voice "Israel's side to the world."

The Megaphone desktop tool, built by Giyus, which means "mobilization," sends desktop alerts on key articles on Israel and surveys, online polls where activists could click on the button to support Israel and click alerts to easily voice pro-Israel opinions.

The tool tracks down online articles and polls that members should act upon. After installing the tool, members receive alerts on those articles. With this tool Israel's Foreign Ministry obviously thought it would help Israel's fight in cyberspace.

However, having used this tool, for others, it is quite useful as well. There is also a weblog and a forum.

Keep in mind these poll results (above) [5] taken at the Agonist when Israel's Not-Sees come a knockin'.








Friday, July 28, 2006

First Contacts Between Israel And Hizbullah

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By Roee Nahmias

First contacts were made between Israel and Hizbullah via German mediators and the Red Cross, it was reported Friday in the London-based Pan-Arab Newspaper Al-Hayat.

According to the report the contacts took place Wednesday and were intended to set the stage for a prisoner exchange as part of the comprehensive solution sought between the sides to end the fighting in Lebanon.

Lebanese sources reported that the contacts were still at initial stages and that they were being carried out indirectly.

The report noted that as yet the talks did not include details of an agreement but rather addressed general principles on which to base a successful agreement.

...The mediators attempted to gain information on the welfare of the hostages, but failed to do so as Hizbullah refused to share any grain of information until negotiations progressed towards a final solution.

The mediators explained that Hizbullah viewed everything, incuding information, had a price which Israel must pay to prove the sincerity of its intentions.

...The report added that according to a Lebanese source, it was still too early to talk about Hizbullah's specific demands regarding a prisoner exchange, especially on whether they would stipulate the release of Palestinian prisoners in addition to Lebanese prisoners.


Former US Doplomats Interview Hezbollah Leader

Courtesy Of:
By Amy Goodman
(Democracy Now)

The US government considers Hezbollah a terrorist organization, but several former US diplomats sat down with the group's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, in Lebanon earlier this year.

In a US national exclusive, we play excerpts of the interview, and speak to former US and White House Terrorism Task Force Director Edward Peck, who took part in the meeting.

To view the video and read the transcript:

Israel Attacks, Lebanon Burns

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RunTime: 4:56
Song By: U2

This is a heartwrenching photo-documentary detailing the cruelty of Israeli war crimes that were and are continuing to be committed against the defenseless Lebanese people...


Video Israel Doesn't Want You To See

"...I don't know why a good Hebrew boy is here...My be to Purify it..."

Courtesy of:
By The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Last Updated: Mar. 19, 2006
RunTime: 2:56

Jerusalem--The Israeli Army has expressed a note of contrition after a television station aired a videotape showing an army assault on a Palestinian home in which a mother of five children died.

When CBC News spoke with Ismail Hawarjeh at Bethlehem's Hospital earlier this month, there was no way to verify the story he told about how his wife died, until Israel's Channel 2 broadcast the tape last weekend.


If YouTube is banned in your country, you may also view the video on this:

Lebanon To Sue Israel For "Barbaric Destruction"

Courtesy Of: The Scotsman
Wed. 26, Jul. 2006

Rome (Reuters)--Lebanon will sue Israel and demand compensation for the "barbaric destruction" suffered by its people, Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said on Wednesday.

"Israel cannot go on indefinitely disregarding international law," the Lebanese leader told world diplomats at an international meeting on Lebanon in Rome.

"It must be made to pay and we shall commence legal proceedings and spare no avenue to make Israel compensate the Lebanese people for the barbaric destruction it has inflicted and continues to inflict on us," he said.


Bush Supports "The Culture Of Life?"

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"The President supports human life"

"The President thinks murder is wrong"

Support a Just foreign policy!

WARNING: Presentation, Contains Very Graphic Images. Viewer Discretion Advised!

Flash Presentation:

George Galloway Speaks

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RunTime: 4:08

"What I'm about to say is illegal in Britain,"

"Mr Blair, we may have to see each other in court over this,"

"Hezbollah has never been a terrorist organization."

"I am here to glorify the Lebanese Resistance."

"I am here to glorify their leader, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah,"