Thursday, September 04, 2014

Who Is He, and What Is He To You?

A man we passed just tried to stare me down 
And when I looked at you 
You looked at the ground 

I don't know who he is 
But I think that you do 

Something in my heart and in your eye 
Tells me he's not someone just passing by 

And when you cleared your throat 
Was that your cue? 

When I add the sum of you and me 
I get confused when I keep coming up with 3 
You're too much for one man 
But not enough for two 

You tell me men don't have much intuition 
Is that what you really thinkin girl 
Or are you wishing? 
Before you wreck your old home 
And searcht another new 

Who is he, and what is he to you? 

Artist: Bill Withers

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