Saturday, September 13, 2014

Love In The Time Of Genocide - الحب في زمن الإبادة

Performed by Haidar Eid

لا يزال الفسطينيون بشكلٍ عام، وسكان غزة بشكل خاص، يتعرضون لمجازر إبادية
منذ عام 1948. لم يعد هناك أي إمكانية للتفاوض على تحسين شروط إضطهادهم في
ظل هذا الظلم . فإما قائمة الحقوق الكاملة او لا شيء. وهذا يعني شيئاً و احداً فقط
( و هو نهاية الاحتلال و الفصل العنصري و الاستعمار. نقطة و أول السطر! ( 2014,حيدر عيد

In this video, the Palestinian intellectual and activist Haidar Eid, in Gaza, performs “Love in the Time of Genocide,” adapted from a poem by the late Egyptian poet Abdul Rahim Mansour.
The words are unadorned, but Eid’s performance is haunting, set against images from Israel’s most recent massacre in Gaza:
Between contractions and pain
We will be reborn
Between contractions and pain
Wisdom will be born
The song of freedom will be born
All that has passed and gone
Is still being born in your eyes
At the end of the video are these words from Eid himself:
The Palestinian people, and Gazans in particular, have been living an unending massacre since 1948. We can no longer negotiate about improving the conditions of oppression; it is either the full menu of rights, or nothing. And that means the end of occupation, apartheid and colonialism.

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