Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Forgotten Nation

In a merciless dream, I saw a nation without state

Hopes in limbo, uncertain in fate

Forgotten and ignored, subject to hate

Oh Rohingya, you are wronged, oppressed to date!

Education’s not for you, and so they claim

Nor your marriage is recognized, oh what a shame

To crave for children, on you is the blame

You shouldn’t have existed, not even in name

“Illegal immigrants!” they shouted at you

Crushed by junta, you were left with no clue

Stripped of your rights, to you they hadn’t been true

Fleeing Rakhine, to nowhere you knew

So families separated, and hearts bled

To unfamiliar regions, your nation spread

At the mercy of strangers, you beg for bread

Oh without dignity, you’d rather be dead!

Brothers of faith turned you away

“Geographical boundary”, they said, and they had to betray

Simple common sense; they couldn’t seem to weigh

To the whispers of the devil, they had fallen prey

Denied citizenship, you’ve got no one to sue

Congested in camps, you have diarrhea and flu

In cold air you sleep, for food you queue

And there are mouths to feed, not one or two!

So when will Myanmar end this aggression

It’s been a few decades, full of oppression

Unlike Palestine and others, there’s not much attention

They deny your existence, and freedom of expression!

So brothers of faith, where do we start

Regain your conscience, refine your heart

Let us unite, be productive and smart

We’ll save Rohingya before they fall apart.

By Raudah Mohd Yunus
Freelance Writer- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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