Monday, June 16, 2014


This is the response to the Shia-led Iraqi government’s accusation that the current insurgency is conducted or at least lead by "DAISH" which is the Arabic acronym for "ISIS" (The Islamic State Of Iraq and Sham).
In all actuality, the current insurgency is made of the Sunni Tribal Fighters, ex-Saddam military personnel and a few other Islamic movements. 
ISIS holds only a very small percentage of the total armed Sunni personnel.
The only way that this insurgency could have accomplished this through Blitzkrieg, over a wide geographic front, conquer and hold major cities and terrain, could only be attributed to sophisticated and conventional military planning by ex-Iraqi Army Officers.
ISIS doesn’t have the numbers nor the conventional expertise to conduct such operations. They were soundly routed by Al-Nusra Front and it’s allies in Syria.
I addition, ISIS in Iraq were defeated in the last round they fought with the Iraqi Tribal Fighters and SAHWA Forces - before the American Occupation Troops Withdrew - and the general Sunni population have become standoffish with them.
If this operation is to succeed in Liberating the Sunni’s from Maliki’s tyranny and his Shia militias and death squads, the majority Sunni civilian population + ex-Saddam military personnel + the Tribal Fighters had to unite and coordinate their operations.
This is why it has been so fast and successful and not because ISIS played a major role or led the insurgency.
MAISH: "Iran’s Militias In Iraq and Sham/Syria"

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