Saturday, January 26, 2013


Celebrity - scarlett johansson Wallpaper

Oh do not Pity me because I gave
My heart, when lovely April with a gust,
Swept down the singing lanes with a cool wave;
And do not pity me because I thrust
Aside your love that once burned as a flame.
I was as thirsty as a windy flower
That bares its bosom to the summer shower
And to the unremembered winds that came.

Pity me most, for moments yet to be,
In the far years, when some day I shall turn
Toward this strong path up to our little door
And find it barred to all my ecstasy.
No sound of your warm voice the winds have borne-
Only the crying sea upon the shore.

(By Harold Vinal)

Photo: Scarlett Johansson
Unknown Photographer

Photo Via: French Toast Sunday

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