Thursday, November 15, 2012

What The U.S. Media Fails To Report About Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, discussing nuclear proliferation in front of approximately 100 heads of state at the UN summit, points to a graphic he drew that appears to be inspired by a Warner Bros. cartoon.

By Gregory Patin,
Courtesy Of "The Examiner"

The deception has been going on for years.

A meeting between Ahmadinejad and Jewish religious leaders during his visit to NYC was ignored by the U.S. media. A video and any mention of it was banned by major media outlets in the U.S., Europe and Israel. (See banned video to the left). In that meeting he was presented a gift by the rabbis and exchanged well-wishes for all religions, people and cultures. Both the rabbis and Ahmadinejad discussed the distinction between the Jewish people and the Zionist Likud party in control of the Israeli government.
n contrast, but also equally ignored by the mainstream media, is a speech given to The Washington Institute for Near East Policy this month by an Israel lobbyist, Patrick Clawson. Citing false flag operations that began past wars, he openly suggests provoking Iran into firing the first shot in a conflict and if that does not work, “it would be best if somebody else started the war.” (See video here).
Another story about Iran that was ignored by U.S. corporate media until The Washington Post finally got around to covering it last month is that a plot to provoke Iran into war occurred in 2007, but was foiled by a high-ranking naval intelligence officer named Gwenyth Todd. Gordan Duff, writing for Veteran’s Today, provides an even more detailed account than the Post.
For her efforts, Todd was driven out of the navy, investigated by the FBI, may have been attempted to be assassinated, and eventually decided to move to Australia. “If you want my opinion, I am 100 percent convinced that this is about my thwarting plans to provoke war with Iran,” Todd said at one point.
The U.S. corporate media continually fails to mention that when the latest International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report on Iran is compared to the May 2012 report, it reveals that Iran has actually reduced the stockpile of 20-percent enriched uranium available for any possible “breakout” to weapons grade enrichment over the last three months rather than increasing it.
Instead, the U.S. media focused on the fact that production has increased. According to Gareth Porter’s analysis published on the global Inter Press Service news agency, however, the reduction of the stockpile of 20-percent enriched uranium despite increased production is clear evidence “of a major acceleration in the fabrication of fuel plates for the Tehran Research Reactor, which needs 20-percent enriched uranium to produce medical isotopes. When 20-percent uranium is used to make fuel plates…it is very difficult to convert it back to a form that can be enriched to weapons grade levels.”
Yet another omission by mainstream U.S. media is the fact that IAEA reports in Iran are only possible because Iran is a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and allows the IAEA to inspect all of its nuclear facilities. Even Bill Clinton, who has in the past spoken out against war with Iran, did not seem to grasp that concept when he said on CNN’s Piers Morgan, “If you don’t want a nuclear weapon, then why won't you comply with the international community's inspection regime…” Perhaps he has been reading too much “news’ lately.
Phil Weiss raised a great point about the true intentions of the New York Times in his blog, Mondoweiss. In a piece entitled “‘NYT’ serves as echo chamber for Israeli hawks, quoting 7 on Iran, plus 2 Israel lobbyists” he asks, “When do American realists get their turn? When will American experts be quoted who say Iran can be contained or that Israel should give up its nukes?”
Here is a short list of other facts about Iran and Israel’s nuclear programs that have been kept from the American people by corporate media since propaganda about a nuclear-armed Iran began in 2007:
It has become clear that the government of Israel, as well as the neo-conservative faction in the U.S., is pushing for a war with Iran, aided and abetted by the U.S. corporate media – the same media that sold the war in Iraq.
Simply putting the information presented in this article out there can get one labeled an “anti-Semite,” but it is a fact that most Israeli people, most Iranian people and most American people do not want this war. Anti-war is not anti-Semite. As the rabbis told Ahmadinejad, there is a clear distinction between Israelis who practice Judaism and the Zionists that control their government. There is no reason all nations and religions involved cannot live in peace (link to video from an Israeli).
A preemptive war with Iran would cost thousands, if not millions of lives. A war with Iran would be devastating to an already fragile U.S. economy – even if Israel goes it alone. It would cause gasoline prices to soar through the roof. Furthermore, a war with Iran could ignite a much larger global conflict, because both China and Russia have geopolitical and economic interests at stake with Iran. A panel of experts concluded that the costs would far outweigh the benefits.
Now is the time for the American people to look at the facts, see the big picture and say “no more wars.” Too many young Americans have died already for special interests. Every politician and talking head in the media that is promoting war with Iran must be called out for what they really are – liars, because lies of omission are still lies. They must keep being told that through phone calls, emails and social media until they realize the American people will not be deceived again. And the level-headed people that are against another war must be supported. Only “we the people” can stop this war before it begins.

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