Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Polaris Moon Rover

Polaris rover will travel to the Moon in search of polar resources, try to survive the long lunar night

The Polaris rover is for catching solar rays which shine almost horizontally at the Moon's north pole, a location Polaris is due to explore before 2016. 

Built by Astrobotic Technology, it'll be ferried aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to our celestial companion, where it'll drill into the surface in search of ice

The company, spun out of the Carnegie Mellon Universityhopes to identify resources at a depth of up to four feet that could be used to support manned Moon expeditions in the future. 

The plan is to complete the mission during a 10-day window of sunlight, digging at up to 100 sites over a three-mile stretch. However, if it can live through the harsh two-week-long nights, then it may continue to operate "indefinitely."

NASA is backing the project, providing ice-prospecting gear and money, although Astrobotic hopes to get more cash for its work -- over $20 million from Google's Lunar X Prize

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