Thursday, September 27, 2012

New York Respond To "Savage" Anti-Muslim Ads

Port Authority2

By Philip Weiss
Courtesy Of "MondoWeiss"

These photos of two of the Islamophobic ads that were put up earlier today by Pam Geller's organization in ten New York subway stations. They got a makeover; and their true character has been revealed.

The one above is in the Port Authority subway station. I hear it's right next to a police station.
This next one is in the Times Square station, the 1-2-3 platform. Notice how similar the artful amendment of the ad is to an applique on San Francisco buses last month.
Hate speech
Times Square station
And the one below is from the 8th Avenue line, but at 23d Street.
23d street2
23d  St station
Ten ads went up today. So that didn't take very long. I notice approvingly that the commenters didn't seek to nullify Pam Geller's right to free speech; she got to have her say, and that elicited more speech! Another shot from the Port Authority:
Port Authority3
Port Authority ad, closeup
I wonder what other creative additions we'll see in days to come; what other expressions of public outrage New Yorkers will make. We'll keep you posted.
Update, 9/25/12:
The 'Savage' ads have been altered in at least seven New York subway stations so far: 57th Street and 5th Ave, 28th Street, 23rd Street, two on 42nd street, 34th street and Grand Central.
28th street 6 platform
IMG 20120925 080443
57th and 5th Ave (F)

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