Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Sand and The Sea

“I’ll wait for you,”
Said the sand to the sea
Shifting beneath her soft touch

“Don’t wait for me,”
Came her whispered reply
“On my return, I will have changed much.”

“I will change too,”
The sand softly rasped
“You take some of me with each tide.”

 ”I know, my love.
  Each time I depart,
  I leave some of myself at your side.”

“I’ll wait for you,”
The sigh fell down the dune
To fall in the sea now receding

“Move on with the wind,
 Love the next tide that comes,
 Or this cycle will keep on repeating.”

“You waited, my love,”
Said the sea to the sand
“I am not the same sea that departed.”

“I have changed too,
 Shifting in breezes.
 I’m much more and much less than I started.” 

“Do I even know you?”
The sea burbled and breathed
“You are softer than I remember.” 

“I cannot say,
 You feel warmer this time.
 Like my cold heart wants to surrender.”

“I’ll stay for a while.”
She sank into his form
“But you know I must soon leave again.”

“I’ll wait for you,”
Was the sand’s simple reply.
“Each time you return we begin.”

(By Rakuli)

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