Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Genocide Of Burma's Muslim's


Currently, there is a massacre that is happening right under our eyes. Instead of being informed of such a horrific event, we are being told about the break-ups of celebrities and money being wasted on events such as the Olympics. We need to stand up, not just as Muslims but as a human race to people who are depriving us the right of knowing what is REALLY going on in the world.

What is an ‘Ethnic Cleansing’? [the elimination of an unwanted ethnic group or groups from a society, as by genocide or forced emigration.]

The country of Rohingya are killing Muslims indiscriminately just because they are Muslims. They are burning people, throwing infants on swords and its all state sponsored. The president of Burma, Thein Sein has said that these people do not belong to Burma and the UN should take them as refugees – the UN has refused.

The UN has refused to take the citizens of Burma, Muslims as refugees. WHY do we have a UN ? If they cannot support the citizens of the WORLD, there is no need for them. Therefore I have organized this petition to get the UN to take them as refugees.

Some have tried to escape to Bangladesh to avert senseless killing but Bangladesh refused to take them in and have sent them back. According to independent research, these people are the most persecuted on the planet and also the most destitute. They literally have nowhere to go and wait for their disburbing death.

The reason nobody has pictures is because the media is not allowed in but the bodies are washing up on the shores of Bangladesh. Just because they are not IMPORTANT as the rest of the world, such as K-Stew cheating on her Twilight star? or the fact which bollywood star is staring in a playboy? Is this where our generation is leading? The media is filled with useless information and only about things that they want you to hear. We have posted some videos below from reputed news channels on the plight of these people.

Why is it that the "humanitarian" non-Muslims and the Muslim ummah has become so heartless?

Please share this story about the Muslims in Burma and spread this petition around the World so we can START making a difference instead of watching the world make a difference for us.

Jazkallah Khairun,

Concerned Muslimah

Burmese Security Forces Target Muslims

+ 300 Mosques have been forced to close therefore a restriction on Tarawih and Quran Reading
+ 20000 Muslims are killed
+ 90,000 Muslims Accepted naqalmakani (kufr) in fear of getting killed
+ Till Now 4000 Muslim Families Burn Alive

Create Awareness, takes two minutes. Sign the following petition;
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