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Imam Khomeini Space Center - Iran

Courtesy Of The: Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI)

Iran inaugurated the Semnan Spaceport (now known as the Imam Khomeini Space Center) in early 2008, with a test launch of the Kavoshgar 1 (Explorer 1) rocket, which appeared to be a modified Shahab-3B. [1] Construction of the complex reportedly began in 2003. [2] Satellite images taken of the site in 2009 show extensive infrastructure development including the construction of a horizontal rocket assembly and checkout building, and an engine test stand. [3]
The older launch complex is comprised of a circular pad, which replaced the original dirt patch. It has a collapsible umbilical tower to support the Safir space launch vehicle (SLV) and other rockets. In February 2009, Iran successfully launched an 'Omid' satellite weighing 27kg into orbit from the Semnan site using the Safir two-stage rocket. [4] In May 2009, Iran successfully tested a Sejil 2 medium-range surface-to-surface missile launched from or close to the Semnan site. [5]
In March 2010, satellite images revealed the construction of a second launch pad roughly 3km east of the original site. [6] It includes a gantry tower, an umbilical tower, and two flame trenches. The gantry tower is aproximately 45m tall, which far exceeds the needs of the Safir or Simorgh SLVs.
Iran also constructed an engine test stand, suggesting it will test new or indigionous designs.
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