Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"They Were Shooting To Kill"

WARNING: The video is EXTREMELY graphic. Viewer discretion is highly  advised.

Cairo Massacre: Field Hospital At Rabaa Al Adawiyya Square

"We received maybe four or five hundred through this hospital in maybe three hours. In this place more than 50 have died. They were murdered. From five o'clock in the morning until eight thirty we were overwhelmed. We have many doctors here, but when many casualties came at one time we couldn't manage. We had to do just the best we could: administer first aid and then refer them to the hospitals.

"This is the worst I have seen. The people here are innocent; they carry no weapons. The interior ministry are liars. We could not stop receiving casualties last night. Injuries came in the neck, in the head, in the chest and from the back."  They were shooting to kill". [Dr. Asharaf el-Din]

"At six o'clock, we ran out of medical supplies. We had to block the entrance to the hospital and call for help at the central stage.

When I arrived, the attack was very bad. I had never seen patients injured like this", he explained. "In the main field hospital we have only ten beds."

I cried as I worked. Mostly the casualties were young men between the ages of 20 and 30. One body was brought in with a bag. We opened it and inside we found a burial shroud. He had brought it with him."
[Dr. Salahuddin Osman, general and plastic surgeon from Mahala]

"I couldn't believe our army and our police would come at us like this. I returned at 8am which is when I saw the killings - just horrible things. I can't imagine why this happened."
[Mahmoud Ahmed, a medical student from Al Azhar University]

"I could not sleep because I thought as I tried to sleep what kind of creature would do what has happened? How can an Egyptian, a Muslim, do this to their own people? I will not sleep tonight either. I have to help my friends with whatever I can."
[Ibrahim Gemeah, teaching assistant from Al Azhar University]
"If this was animals being killed, people would care. But because it's us, they don't."
[Lawyer Islam Taher, alluding to the indifference of mainstream Egyptian opinion to the death of Morsi supporters]

"We asked them to record his death as a murder by police. But they forced us to accuse anonymous sources." [Ashraf Mamdouh, loading the body of his brother-in-law, Hegazy Zakaria, into a van that would take him to his funeral in a village outside Cairo]

"We didn't have enough places in the fridges to fit all the bodies. We had to do autopsies on the floor. At some points we had to ask families to help us with the process. It was chaos." [Dr Hazem Hossam]

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